Scottish Folds

The Scottish Folds are among the most unique cat breeds.  The first thing you should notice about this cat breed are their unique ears.  They have their ears folded downwards giving them an round "owl" like face.  This feature is very unique to only the Scottish Fold breed.

They are generally an average sized cat with the males being around 12 pounds and female around 9 pounds.   

There is no set of colors the Scottish Folds need to come in.  They can be any color or any hair length.  Examples shown below:

Scottish Fold

Blue-Grey Shorthair

Golden Shadow Shorthair

Golden Scottish Fold

Golden Marble Longhair

Orange Marble Shorthair

Golden Marble Longhair Scottish Fold
Orange Scottish Fold

But since the Scottish Folds for health reasons must be bred with another breed other then itself,  the litter results in 2 different breeds.  Some of the kittens receive their gene for the folded ears and are called - Scottish Folds.  While some don't receive the folded gene and can be called either a Scottish Straight or a mix with whatever the other breed is (Ex. British Shorthair Mix).   Scottish Straights would share the same personality and characteristic of a Scottish Folds, except for the ears. 

Scottish Straight Golden Shorthair

Golden Scottish Straight
Color Point Scottish Striaght Longhair

Scottish Straight Color Point Longhair

Scottish Straight Calico Shorthair

Scottish Straight Calico Shorthair

The Scottish Fold and Scottish Straights are known to very friendly, cuddly and love to be with people.  They generally are out in the open sleeping on your couch and following your around the house.  And if you let them into your bedroom, would highly likely to sleep the nights with you.   One unique thing that Scottish Fold have been found to do was their "sitting" position.

Scottish Fold Sitting
Scottish Fold Laying
Scottish Fold Laying

The Scottish Fold can also be broken down again into special - unique Scottish Folds mix breeds.   These can include such as the Scottish Fold Munchkin that would have the unique feature of the folded ears and the shorthair.   The the Scottish Fold Exotic - Foldex which would have the features of the Folded ears and the flat smushed face.

Scottish Fold Exotic - Foldex Color Point

exotic fold.PNG

Scottish Straight Munchkin Cream